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Akhrot Sabut (Inshell) Medium

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Pine Nuts (Chilgoza)

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Akhrot Sabut (Inshell) Jumbo

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Akhrot Sabut: The Whole Walnut Wonder

Akhrot Sabut, or whole walnuts, are a nutrient-dense superfood cherished for their rich flavor, versatility, and impressive health benefits. These nuts, encased in their hard, protective shells, are a staple in many cultures and cuisines worldwide.

Distinctive Features

Akhrot Sabut is easily recognizable by its unique characteristics:

  • Flavor: Rich, earthy, and slightly buttery with a hint of bitterness.
  • Texture: Firm and crunchy, providing a satisfying bite.
  • Appearance: Encased in a hard, ridged shell that is typically light brown.
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High-quality Akhrot Sabut is sourced from the finest walnut-producing regions. These whole walnuts are harvested at their peak and carefully dried to preserve their nutritional value and flavor. The hard shells protect the delicate kernels inside, ensuring they remain fresh and delicious.

How to Enjoy

To enjoy Akhrot Sabut, simply crack open the shell using a nutcracker and extract the kernels. The whole walnut can be stored for a long period if kept in a cool, dry place, making it a convenient and healthy pantry staple.

Experience the rich flavor and numerous health benefits of Akhrot Sabut. These whole walnuts are a delicious and healthy addition to your pantry, perfect for snacking, cooking, and baking. Enjoy the wholesome goodness and make Akhrot Sabut a part of your daily diet.

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